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Grey Postage Mailing Bags 10 x 14 inch (250 x 350mm) Plastic polythene

Product Code: 10 x 14 Grey Bags

Price: £ 10.99  

  • Strong poly postage mailing bags with self adhesive strip, very good quality and good glue will make sure your item arrives without any tears in bag keeping your product safe.
  • Made of very strong, tear resistant LDPE material to ensure your goods are kept safe in transit.
  • Postage savings due to extremely lightweight material and stretched extensively.
  • Durability, moisture resistant, multi-layer blend of co-extruded film provides optimum protection against moisture, puncture and tear.
  • Security, High-strength, Hot-melt adhesive closure provides additional tamper resistance. Strong glue, permanent adhesive, once the bag is sealed, the only way to take out the item inside is to rip off the bag.
  • Mobile screen cover material used on the clear seal to make sure no static electricity occurred, clear peel off  WILL NOT stick on your hands. Non see through at all, totally opaque.

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